Watch Your Mouth 3 - Gossiping

Did you hear what happened? Gossip can feel really good, and if the person you are talking to never hears about it, who does it really hurt? Actually, gossip hurts more people than you think.

Impact Cards

Gossip hurts. Gossip hurts the person it is spoken about, the person who hears it, and the person who speaks it. So really, gossip hurts everybody and gossip is everywhere. Gossip isn't a church problem or a child problem, it is a people problem.

So how do we stop gossiping? We need to stop listening to it and stop speaking it.

Who are the people in your life that speak it? What can you do to prevent them from gossiping to you?

When do you find yourself gossiping the most? What excuses do you give yourself to get away with it? What steps can you take to stop speaking gossip?

Instead of being known for gossip, what if we were known for encouraging others? This week, purposely talk to people about other people. But instead of gossiping, talk about what they are good at and why they are special.

You won't believe what encouraging words can do for your relationships and for you.