Watch Your Mouth 1 - Complaining

Life is not easy. With hard days at work, family members driving us nuts, and life not working out the way you want it to, there are plenty of things to complain about. But what does complaining really do in your life?

Impact Cards

No one likes complaining, but we all do it. And the more we complain, the easier it becomes. 

The Israelites complained constantly, but they were not complaining because of their situation but because of what was in their heart. 

Our complaints come from our heart. In order to fight against it, we have to remind ourselves of what God has done and be grateful. 

Below, right down times in your life that God has showed up. 

Take that list above and thank God for each one. It may even help to put some of your reminders around your house so you do not forget. Every time you read or think about these reminders, thank God for them. 

Reminders and Gratitude are the way to break the cycle of complaining.