The Hard Truth 2 - God Commands You To Give

Being generous is hard to do, but nowhere in the Bible does God tell us giving is an option. In fact, giving is a requirement for following. How do we readjust our priorities so that we can obey God with our giving?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-11. Where does your giving come from? Why is giving so important in 2 Corinthians?

TUESDAY There are three reasons many of us don't like to hear about giving. Which one do you find yourself feeling? Where does that feeling come from?

WEDNESDAY: Giving is hard, no matter what your financial situation is. But God commands it of us. Pray today for the right heart so that you can give cheerfully.

THURSDAY: How can you be a cheerful giver today? Where can you give or be generous? Whether its buying a strangers lunch, giving to a charity, or donating to church, find a way to give today. 

FRIDAY:  Out of the three objections Eric talked about on Sunday, which objection do you find yourself using? How has your feelings towards that objection changed?