The Hard Truth 3 - Church Isn't About You

Our culture has made church all about themselves. We only go if it fits our needs. But is this what God had in mind when the church began, to be all about us? In 1 Samuel, we see the Israelites thinking they know better than God, and we can learn a lot from their example.

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read 1 Samuel 8. How have you seen the response God gave to Samuel play out in your life?

TUESDAY: How have you seen yourself make things about you? Have you done anything to prevent that from happening again?

WEDNESDAY: Spend 5 to 10 minutes today praising God through prayer. Spend time being in harmony with Him. 

THURSDAY: What do you need to start doing to stop relying on the church to feed you? Whatever it is (reading, spending alone time with God, journaling, etc.), start doing it today. 

FRIDAY:  Do you have any "consumerism" thoughts when it comes to church? What do you need to remind yourself today to remind you that church isn't about you?

The Hard Truth 2 - God Commands You To Give

Being generous is hard to do, but nowhere in the Bible does God tell us giving is an option. In fact, giving is a requirement for following. How do we readjust our priorities so that we can obey God with our giving?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-11. Where does your giving come from? Why is giving so important in 2 Corinthians?

TUESDAY There are three reasons many of us don't like to hear about giving. Which one do you find yourself feeling? Where does that feeling come from?

WEDNESDAY: Giving is hard, no matter what your financial situation is. But God commands it of us. Pray today for the right heart so that you can give cheerfully.

THURSDAY: How can you be a cheerful giver today? Where can you give or be generous? Whether its buying a strangers lunch, giving to a charity, or donating to church, find a way to give today. 

FRIDAY:  Out of the three objections Eric talked about on Sunday, which objection do you find yourself using? How has your feelings towards that objection changed?