The First 39: Week 2 - The Righteous and The Wicked

There are some strange stories in the Old Testament, but none stranger then the story of Judah and Tamar. It is a story of death, deception, adultery, prostitution, lying, blackmail, and more. With a story this strange, what can we learn from it? And what does Jesus have to do with it? A lot more than you think.

Impact Card

The story of Judah and Tamar is a story of deception, death, adultery, prostitution, lying, blackmail, and more. It is a story that seems to come out of nowhere and is hard to understand its purpose.

However, when we look closer at the story, we see two characters that we can relate to. We see Tamar, the sinner who purposely does what she knows is wrong because of her unfair treatment. Then, we see Judah, the self-righteous man, who thinks he is holier then he actually is.

Where do you fall? Do you feel like Tamar or Judah? Why?

The story of Judah and Tamar shows us that God can use us for His purpose, no matter what our mess is today. God came for each sinner, regardless of whether he or she knows they need Jesus or not.

Spend some alone time this week in God's presence. Surrender your mess to Him. Ask Him to use you even with your mess. No matter if you are a "Judah" or a "Tamar". Ask God to give you direction so that you can be used for His purpose.

The First 39: Week 1 - The King's King

In David, we encounter a man after God’s own heart who nevertheless struggled to honor God with how he lived and led. Yet he was Israel’s greatest king. Jesus was the ultimate fulfillment of David’s family line and God’s promise represented through it. He is the perfect King who leads with a love that defies the worlds expectations and standards. Does King Jesus match with your expectations and standards? Are you really ready to follow His leadership and example?