Respect Life 2 - Valuing Difficult Lives

God calls us to love. Not just love people that are easy to love, but to love even the hard to love people. How do we love someone we consider difficult? How do we love someone we completely disagree with?

Impact Card

Monday: Read John 13. How does Jesus statement in verse 35 change after understanding the context of chapter 13? 

Tuesday: What is one of the red flags you struggle the most with? Why is it a red flag for you?

Wednesday: Loving difficult people is impossible without God's help. Take time today to pray for the strength to love the people that we have trouble loving. 

Thursday: "What does love look like in this situation?" Think of a difficult person in your life. What can you do to move towards love today for that person?

Friday: Think back on this week. Did you find yourself struggling to love a difficult person? What was hard to love? How can you find a way to love them?

Respect Life 1 - What Is Life?

We all want to live the best life, but if we do not define a life worth living correctly, how do we do that? We do not find our life in pleasure, performance, possessions, position, and pursuits. Life is found in the Good Shepherd.

Impact Card

Monday: Read John 10. What does it mean for us that Jesus is the Gatekeeper and the Good Shepherd?

Tuesday: There are many things that we naturally live for that doesn’t give our life meaning. What is the hardest thing to not live for?

Wednesday: Abundant life is found in the absence of life. Pray to God today to help you push your life aside in order to live for His glory.

Thursday: How can you step out in faith to live an abundant life today? What steps can you take today to live that life God wants for you?

Friday: There are many examples in the Bible where God used ordinary people that the world didn’t understand, but because of their obedience God did amazing things. Which people stick out to you as examples to live by? How does their example encourage you to step in obedience with God?