red letter living

Red Letter Living 2 - Jesus is the Light of the World

When it is too dark to see, a light helps us find our way. Where the law reveals our guilt and the love reveals our grace, the light reveals our hope. Because He is the light of the world, we always have a second chance.

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read John 8. How does the story of the woman caught in adultery show us that Jesus is the light of the world?

TUESDAY: Why is understanding our guilt so important? What are you guilty of?

WEDNESDAY: The accuser condemns you, but the Savior gives you grace. Write down the things you feel condemned about. After you right them down, read each one and remind yourself that Jesus grace covers it. 

THURSDAY: The light gives you hope, so why would you go back to your sin? Is there something you are struggling with? Confess it to someone today. Together, make a plan on how to not go back.

FRIDAY:  Spend quiet time today reflecting on the story in John 8. Thank God for the guilt you feel, the grace He gives, and the hope you have. 

Red Letter Living 1 - Jesus Is The Good Shepherd

Sheep are reference often in the Bible, and Jesus describes us as sheep. Even though sheep constantly lose their way, cannot defend themselves, are stubborn, and dirty, the Good Shepherd still guides them, provides for them, corrects them, and protects them.

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read John 10. What makes the Good Shepherd good? How is Jesus the Good Shepherd?

TUESDAY: Which characteristic of sheep describes you the most? How does following the Good Shepherd help?

WEDNESDAY: The Good Shepherd guides you, but He can only lead you if you know His voice. Spend time today listening for His voice through prayer. 

THURSDAY: The Good Shepherd guides, provides, corrects, and protects. Which do you need now? How can you rely on Him to come through?

FRIDAY:  Read Luke 15:3-7. Are you the 1 the shepherd is coming for today? How can you come home?