Nostalgia 2 - Tradition < Truth

The longer we are in church, the easier it is to get stuck inside our traditions. When does a good tradition go from following truth to overtaking truth? How do we prevent ourselves from placing traditions over truths?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read Mark 7:1-15. How did the Pharisees misuse tradition? 

TUESDAY: What are some traditions you have? How did they start? Why do you continue to do them?

WEDNESDAY: We all tend to enjoy our traditions, but there are times where we need to let them go. Pray today for God to reveal to you the traditions you may need to let go of. 

THURSDAY: Legalism is when you put law and tradition over the truth of the Gospel. When have you found yourself being legalistic? Are there any things you believe now that can fall under legalism for you?

FRIDAY:  Tradition isn't a bad thing, but we can abuse it. Why is truth more important than tradition? What are the dangers of allowing truth to trump tradition?