Nostalgia 3 - Using Your Past For Good

Some of us have past we do not like. Whether it is because of circumstances beyond our control or our own decisions, our past has made us who we are. How can we allow God to shape our future through our past?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read John 5. Do you feel like the invalid? Bitter and blaming everyone else for your past? What are times that you feel this way the most?

TUESDAY: Write down things in your past you regret. Write as many as possible. You will come back to this list at the end of the week.

WEDNESDAY: Take 10 to 15 minutes to sit in prayer and thank God for loving you even with your past.

THURSDAY: Your past is your Ebenezer Stone. Read over the list you wrote on Tuesday. After each one, say out loud “God’s grace is better!”

FRIDAY: God uses you because of your past, not in spite of it. From your Tuesday list, what are things in your past that you need to start sharing with people? Do not be ashamed. God can take that past and use it to help someone else. Start praying that God will reveal how you can be open about your past and how He can use your past to help someone else.

Nostalgia 2 - Tradition < Truth

The longer we are in church, the easier it is to get stuck inside our traditions. When does a good tradition go from following truth to overtaking truth? How do we prevent ourselves from placing traditions over truths?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read Mark 7:1-15. How did the Pharisees misuse tradition? 

TUESDAY: What are some traditions you have? How did they start? Why do you continue to do them?

WEDNESDAY: We all tend to enjoy our traditions, but there are times where we need to let them go. Pray today for God to reveal to you the traditions you may need to let go of. 

THURSDAY: Legalism is when you put law and tradition over the truth of the Gospel. When have you found yourself being legalistic? Are there any things you believe now that can fall under legalism for you?

FRIDAY:  Tradition isn't a bad thing, but we can abuse it. Why is truth more important than tradition? What are the dangers of allowing truth to trump tradition?

Nostalgia 1 - How Do You Survive Nostalgia?

Nostalgia is a sentimental longing for the past. Many of us think back to our past with fond memories, but sometimes our nostalgia becomes our idol. What place does our nostalgia have in our lives?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read Isaiah 46:1-10. How did the Israelites past tempt them away from God? What did God warn them?

TUESDAY: Find some old clips of things you liked in your childhood, whether it is movies, music videos, shows, etc. What feelings come up? Do you tend to have positive or negative feelings towards these memories? Why?

WEDNESDAY: Nostalgia is fun, but it can also be dangerous. Pray for strength to live in the present and to remember who He is, what He has done, and who we are in HIm. 

THURSDAY: Write down how you are different today than you used to be, both good and bad. How have you grown in the past 10 years? How have you become the person you are today?

FRIDAY:  Do you have any memories that you remember more positively today than it was at the time? What do you feel compared to what it really was?