it's a choice

What Happy Couples Know 4 - It's A Choice

Happy couples decide they owe each other everything but are owed nothing in return. But that requires effort. Every married person makes a choice every day. That choice feels more like a reaction, so most people don’t think they have a choice at all. But they do. Happy couples make the happy choice.

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read 1 Corinthians 13. Why does "Always Trust" stick out in verse 7?

TUESDAY: Do you find yourself believing the best or assuming the worst? Why do you tend to do one more than the other? (Self reflect on your past and why you fall more one way than the other)

WEDNESDAY: Believing the best is a choice. Pray today for the strength to make the happy choice.

THURSDAY: What has your partner or friend done this week that created a gap between your expectations and your experience? Did you believe the best or assume the worst? If you assumed the worst, how can you choose to believe the best next time?

FRIDAY: What do you have trouble not letting go of with your partner or friend? Write it down. Then write down the most generous explanation for them.