What Happy Couples Know 4 - It's A Choice

Happy couples decide they owe each other everything but are owed nothing in return. But that requires effort. Every married person makes a choice every day. That choice feels more like a reaction, so most people don’t think they have a choice at all. But they do. Happy couples make the happy choice.

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read 1 Corinthians 13. Why does "Always Trust" stick out in verse 7?

TUESDAY: Do you find yourself believing the best or assuming the worst? Why do you tend to do one more than the other? (Self reflect on your past and why you fall more one way than the other)

WEDNESDAY: Believing the best is a choice. Pray today for the strength to make the happy choice.

THURSDAY: What has your partner or friend done this week that created a gap between your expectations and your experience? Did you believe the best or assume the worst? If you assumed the worst, how can you choose to believe the best next time?

FRIDAY: What do you have trouble not letting go of with your partner or friend? Write it down. Then write down the most generous explanation for them.

What Happy Couples Know 3 - Sometimes You Have To Throw Things

As long as you think your spouse owes you, your marriage will be all about keeping score. That destroys intimacy. It destroys love. But what are we supposed to do about our hopes, dreams, and desires?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read 1 Peter 5:1-11. Underline everything that shows humility. Why does God show favor to the humble but opposes the proud?

TUESDAY: Have you done any of the things we should NOT do with your box? Has it solved the issue?

WEDNESDAY: How does humility change any relationship you are in. List all the ways that it can improve your romantic relationships and your friendships. 

THURSDAY: Unload it on God today. Carve out at least 10 minutes today to get on your knees and pray an honest prayer. Whatever is on your mind, give it to Him. 

FRIDAY: Have you been looking at your box incorrectly? Have you been unloading things to your partner that they were never meant to carry? Are their things in your box that shouldn't be in there?

What Happy Couples Know 2 - It's Mutual

We had some technical difficulties this week, so please excuse the audio quality. We should be back to normal for Part 3 next week.

We all enter into marriage with hopes, dreams, and desires. They create expectations. But when you put those expectations onto your spouse, it turns your marriage into a debt/debtor relationship. Your relationship becomes marked by the belief that your spouse owes you something. So, how do you keep your hopes, dreams, and desires from becoming expectations?

Impact Card

MONDAY: Read Ephesians 5:21-33. Why is this passage so important to mutual submission?

 Ask your partner what is in their box. Did their answer surprise you? How is it helpful to know?

WEDNESDAY: Mutual submission is hard because it involves pushing your needs aside. Pray to God for strength to push His command up and your will down. 

THURSDAY: Now that you know what is in your partner's box, take action today. Do something to help put your end of the rope down in order to put their needs in front of yours. 

FRIDAY: The way to break the debt/debtor relationship is through gratitude. How can you show gratitude to your partner today? Thank them for something they did. Write them a thank you note, send them a text, or just tell them with sincerity. Remember, they don't owe you!

What Happy Couples Know 1 - Nothing

A great marriage doesn’t happen by accident. It requires care and regular maintenance. But sometimes we don’t want to make the effort. As long as it’s not broken, do we really need to talk about it?

Impact Card

What is in your box?

Have you handed it off to someone else?