All I Want For Christmas Is...Joy

Christmas time can seem like a time where everyone is happy. But sometimes in the midst of all the Christmas lights and music, we don’t feel happy. But does God want us to be happy, or does He want us to be something better?

Impact Card

Monday: Read Luke 1-2. How does the Christmas story show the need for joy? 

 What are the differences between happiness and joy? Do you live a life pursuing happiness or joy?

Wednesday: Joy is only found in God. Take some time to pray for joy, even when your circumstances are difficult. 

Thursday: Joy is contagious. Be intentional about having joy today, whether at work, home, or school. At the end of the day, write down how hard it was and how it felt. 

Friday: What robs you of your joy? Anxiety? Resentment? Boredom? Confusion? What can you do to prevent these things from robbing your joy from you?